1. Human subjects training (ALL GRAD STUDENTS)
All training must be completed within 30 days of arrival. To complete the training and for more information: https://www.citiprogram.org/. Please note there are 3 separate groups of training. Modules have been grouped for (1) Biomedical Research, (2) Social and Behavioral Research and (3) Research involving Data and Specimens only. Select the group that best describes your area of research.
On the registration page, complete the question that is the best fit.
Under main menu:
Step 1: Add a course or update learner groups
Step 2: I would like to review the Human Subjects Protection (“IRB”) modules
Step 3: I have not completed the CITI UNC-Chapel Hill Basic Course.
Step 4: Please select the Group appropriate to your research activities. You will be enrolled in the Basic Course for that Group.

Once you get past the registration page you will be able to select your group. Group 3: Research Involving Data and Specimens ONLY is the group you are interested in selecting. Make sure you include Biostatistics as your department. Please send Melissa Hobgood or Veronica Stallings a copy of the completion certificate once you have completed the training.

2. Conflict of interest training (ALL GRAs and TRAINEES)
All training must be completed within 30 days of arrival. Conflict of interest training should be completed here: https://apps.research.unc.edu/coi-training/

3. Environment, health and safety training (ALL GRAD STUDENTS)
All training must be completed within 30 days of arrival. Environment, health and safety training should be completed here: https://ehs.unc.edu/training/

4. Payroll Paperwork (if you will be funded by the BIOS department)
To be put on payroll, incoming students should see Terry Link (tlink12@email.unc.edu) in the fiscal office (3108 McGavran-Greenberg). You will need to bring with you the following:
* Direct Deposit form and a voided check or document from your bank to set up direct deposit
* Completed forms W-4, NC-4EZ or NC-4 NRA, Health Insurance Verification of Student Eligibility, and AP-2s form.
* Either an unexpired passport; or a photo id and social security card or birth certificate (there are other allowable documents but these are the most commonly used)

5. Health Insurance
While you are completing your paperwork to be put on payroll, you will also complete paperwork to enroll in your health insurance. GRAs/trainees are enrolled in the UNC Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan, which is provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Information on student health insurance can be found here: https://www.bcbsnc.com/content/studentblue/uncch-ta/index.htm If you are a GRA/trainee, you will need to submit a waiver by September 12 to avoid being charged for student health insurance (you will receive an e-mail from UNC or Biostatistics student services about this).